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Fishing in Sunny Cabo San Lucas

Whether you are a seasoned fisherman, you will want to book your fishing charter with one of Cabo’s longest established and most reputable sports fishing charter companies in Cabo San Lucas.  If you’re in Cabo San Lucas fishing for the first time and are new to fishing or just curious and want a great experience then there are no better hands to be in.


Most people, who visit us, travel thousands of miles once or twice a year to be able to fish the Sea of Cortez that surrounds the Baja Peninsula.  All in anticipation of being able to catch the big game fish that is here all year round!  Cabo San Lucas Fishing charters will ensure those miles where worth traveling no matter if you are with us one day or one week. It is our aim to everything goes to plan.

Cabo Premier Fishing Location

When the end goal is fish and the fish you want, being able to bring years of experience and expert knowledge to bear of the fishing grounds ultimately allows clients to catch fish. This is what Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters is best recognized for.  Charter itineraries and fishing locations are planned by our captains who have decades of experience.  Working together allows for captains to share their catch locations increasing the changes for everyone to catch that day.

Cabo San Lucas is renowned the world over for its big game catch rates.  


Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters has help build this wonderful reputation. We, among other charters companies, actively promote the conservation and conservation of big game sportfish here is Cabo most importantly the marlin.  Many of our captains, over the years have played there part alongside the respected International Game Fish Association and the Billfish Foundation to manage and protect this import resource and, our way of life.

Sport Charter Fishing

Take time and a look at our charter prices.  We know one size doesn’t always fit all so we have charters to accommodate all budgets.  We have vessels from 28ft to 100+ft, so don’t worry, we have you well covered.  The number of anglers per vessel is primary based upon the length of the vessel; however on select vessels additional persons can be added.  


The vessels we operate, ALL have full wheelchair accessibility to guarantee everyone is aboard.  

Yes there are other charter companies in Cabo.  However for experience, range of species fished for and vessels that meet all budgets, we are not another charter company.  We do exactly what we say we do - Cabo San Lucas Fishing.  Book now to set the hook!

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